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Legislation - forest management, nature conservation and landownership

  • Forest Law - new Forest Law 1995, amendment 2001 postponed – insufficient preparation and discussion with stakeholders, withdrawal of the forest act amendment 2005 – alternate forest management
  • Creation NFP 2007-2013 prior to the new Forest Act
  • Preparation of the Czech Forestry Conception and National Forest Plan 1998, 2006-2011
  • Game Act – partial changes 1995-2000, 2009 attempt to the amendment to the Game Act - unsuccessful
  • Effort to the accomplishment of the process of reversion of the forest property to the villages and towns – the novel was agreed in 2000
  • Effort to the return of the property to the former forestry co-operatives of villages – this novel was agreed by the Parliament in June 2002
  • Transmissions of historic municipal estates from the property of the former Czech federation – preparation since 2003, unsuccesfull, new efforts 2008, 2011
  • Amendment of the Nature Conservation Act – 2003-2008, preparation Natura 2000
  • Common preparation of the directive -  Management of Natura 2000 sites (2005-2006)
  • Financial compensation on management aggravation or indemnity in all kinds of protected area, SEA – forest management plans
  • Guideline of the Ministry of Environment 2009-2011
  • Implementary regulations – loss of property 2010-11
  • Ensuring equal access of all owners in the Czech Republic to the national subsidies for forest management 2016

Consultancy - expert forest management

  • Organization of technical seminars and field trips for owners and managers of non-state forest estates on the forest related legislation, on subsidies, on the forest management of small and mid-large scale forests, on the work safety in the forestry, on the nature conservation and Natura 2000 …
  • Reviews of the expert level and economical results of the managing forest estates
  • Advisory activities and legal counselling for SVOL members
  • Regular information servis to the SVOL members
  • Subsidies and grants - rule preparation, consultancy

Common wood-sale system

  • only for SVOL members
  • on the voluntary basis
  • for co-operation and enhancing position of non-state forestry

Active participation in local and international forestry orgaizations

Communication activities

  • PR activities, exhibitions, expert textbooks, bulletin for forest owners and managers, support of forestry pedagogy
  • International Contest  „Young People in European Forests